Are you being overserved?

I recently read Bob Newhart's memoirs, I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This, published in 2006.  If you like Bob Newhart, you'll like this book.  It goes over his career, from how he got into the comedy business to the movies and television shows he did.  He includes some of his early material that was on his comedy albums, as well.

The book is enjoyable, but there is one thing in it that kind of bothered me.  Not a big deal, really, just a nitpick on my part.  He tells an anecdote from when he was working in a movie.  He explains how he went out with some of the cast one night after filming and got drunk. The next day he was unexpectedly called in to shoot a scene, and he was feeling terrible with a hangover, but the director thought he nailed the scene the way he wanted him to. 

Now, actually, Bob doesn't say he got drunk.  Instead, he says that at some point he realized that he had been overserved.  "Overserved"?   He was the one who was ordering drinks and drinking them.  "Overserved" makes it sound like it wasn't his fault that he got drunk--it was the bartender's fault. 

 Now I realize that when one drinks, it's not hard to make bad judgements and drink too much, but that doesn't relieve one of the responsibility for getting or being drunk.  But it really wasn't the bartender's fault; it was Bob's fault.

Admittedly, this is a small part of the anecdote, and an even smaller part of the book as a whole.  I still recommend the book for anyone who likes Bob Newhart or good comedy.  That word just stuck in my mind even after I had read the book, and I thought I would comment on it.  After all, what's a blog for, if not for me to say what's on my mind?

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